Program 60h Guca Trumpet Festival 2020

Program 60th Guca Trumpet Festival 2020
This year the concept of the program is changed, all previous winners of the Guca Trumpet Festival with master title trumpets, will compete for the title of “Champion of Guca,” the prize of one million dinars and the statue “Desimir Perisic.” On Wednesday, 08.08. we expect a large number of guests for the concert. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday the stadium will be a madhouse because of the competition of young orchestras and competition of trumpet masters.. Compositions and arrangements that have been previously prepared by masters of the trumpet so far have been laudable, but this year because of the competition will have to better prepare their repertoires.
List of the trumpet masters who participate in all 5 days of the festival (from 08.08. To 12.08.) Milos Perisic (Goračići), Jovica Ajdarevic (Pavlovac near Vranje), Nenad Mladenovic (Vranje), Ekrem Mamutović (Vranje), Elvis Ajdinović(Surdulica) , Radojko Vitezović (Tubić) and Dejan Lazarevic (Požega). All participants have three victories in Guca Trumpet Festival. At 21:00 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be held the competition orchestra for the “Golden Trumpet”. On Sunday, in the evening we expect the closing concert of the festival.
In addition to this program, we recommend a visit of the Tourism Fair, cultural and artistic programs, and the Museum of trumpets. Below you can see a detailed program 60th Guca Trumpet Festival 2020.
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