Official Guča Camp Ćurčić

Official Guča Camp Ćurčić: Entry and stay in the camp allowed only with legitimacy by each each guest upon arrival to camp. Stewards who are responsible for preserving peace and order in the camp, will take care of your safety, and professional staff will provide you with all necessary assistance and information.

Campers will be available:- Washrooms with toilet cubicles, sinks and showers with hot water
- Parking for vehicles
- Coffee
- Rechargeable mobile phone

Tents can be rented, which means that every visitor to camp must bring a tent or sleeping bag with you. Place in the camp is reserved by phone. Reservation is valid until the end of the Parliament, so that the arrival in camp the first day of work is optional. Price at the camp is fixed regardless of the number of days spent in the camp. If you do not reserve a place in the camp, accommodation will be possible only if the camp sites remain free.

Price per person: 20-25 EUR
Contact: +381.64.555.8581

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