Motel Mlinarev San, Arilje

Motel Mlinarev San is in Sevelj. Motel has 150 beds in double rooms and an apartment, conference hall for seminar and meetings with 200 Seats. Restaurant has 150 places and terrace with 100 places with very beautiful prospect. This place is very good for health ones and recreative tourism, sportsman from foreign country into very calm environment with clean air and water.

Just 2 kilometers from the center of Arilje, gems Serbian medieval architecture, from the 1296th , on the bank of the river Rzav other natural gems of the city, on the site of the old mill and tavern Mlinarev san  built in 1978. The motel in November, and took the name of his predecessor: "Mlinarev san".



In 2002 motel was privatized investment antiquities V. Bogdanović, Canadian entrepreneurs today, and now carefully renovated while maintaining its highly respected authorship of its creator architect Mihael Mitović.

Motel building has its own structure and sailed ashore on the coast of the two floors above the river over the entire length of the buildings terrace over the water.

Motel apartments are close to the river with a waterfall whose water falls swarms gold Rzava from which even today can drink clean water. The motel was built annex with 150 beds in modern and comfortable rooms and a conference room for business guests. The motel has a pub and restaurant with a separate hall.

Arilje is a town and municipality in western Serbia, in the Zlatibor District. In 2002 the town had a total population of 6,733, while the municipality had 19,784. The town's coordinates are 43.75°N and 20.10°E. It is famous for having large raspberry plantations in which many locals are employed.


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