Motel Ćurčić, Guča

Motel Curcic Guca
Motel Ćurčić, Guča is new one motel and have 120 beds located near river and stadium where Guča Trumpet Festival every year organized.

We organize private accommodation in our motel with one meal per day per person trough Guča Trumpet Festival. Also, we have exclusive accommodation in Guča in Vajat apartments. For all guests we make transfer from Belgrade airport "Nikola Tesla" to Guča, or from city Čačak to Guča.

The sound of the trumpet traditionally accompanies every major event in Serbia's rural and small-town life: births, baptisms, weddings, Slav {family patron saint day}, farewell parties for those joining military service, state and church festivals, harvesting, reaping, and also departing this world. Appropriate music is played on these occasions, thus preserving the spirit of the existing tradition. This is old picture and soon we will put here new one :-)

From then until now the trumpet has reigned here uninterrupted while woodwind instruments, in keeping with the customs, warm the soul of its population.

Please bring with you flag of your country because we will organize multi-cultural program for all guest. Our accommodation is one of the best, and we have capacities to cover a lot of accommodation for people who want to come in Guča Trumpet Festival.

Motel Curcic GucaMotel Curcic Guca
Motel Curcic GucaMotel Curcic Guca

We organize private accommodation in our motel trough Guča Trumpet Festival. Accommodation including one strong meal per person per day. Also, we have exclusive accommodation in Guča in Vajat apartments.

Until 15.06. we will make reservation with discount price for all tourism agencies from all over the world like there are: Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland, US America, Canada, Turkey, Japan, China, Belgium, Luxemburg's, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland and all other countries all over the world.


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